Tutorials and Steps on How to Trade Crypto for Profit


How to trade crypto for those who are just starting out is now one of the themes that netizens who want to know are often looking for with the skyrocketing crypto endeavor.

In addition, recently, Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast studied crypto trading methods for those who have just started with Pandu Patria Sjahrir, commissioner of the Indonesia Influence Exchange.

Continuing with youtuber Atta Halilintar who invited Indra Kenz, Crazy Rich Medan as CEO of BotX coin, including crypto assets from Indonesia, recently.

Then, how exactly is crypto trading for those who are just starting out that are relatively safe and can generate profits of up to billions?

Launching the Atta Halilintar podcast featuring Indra Kenz as the speaker, here are a number of tips and tips for crypto trading for those who are just starting out.

Bitcoin Trading

To get Bitcoin, there are 3 ways that you can take, which are as follows:

Mining Bitcoin

The process of mining Bitcoin or Bitcoin mining is an activity to mine Bitcoin using certain devices, where mathematical solutions are needed that involve a number of algorithms and software.

With every mining performed by Bitcoin miners, each transaction will be validated, built and stored in a new block in the blockchain.

Buy it on Bitcoin Exchange

Well, if you trade Bitcoin via Bitcoin Exchange, then you are practically trading Bitcoin. The term trading in the world of Bitcoin means the process of buying and selling Bitcoin currency with the currency of a country.

For example, as an Indonesian citizen I can get Bitcoin by buying it using Rupiah.

There are many Bitcoin Exchanges in Indonesia, one of which is www. bitcoin .co.id which is said to be the safest.

Bitcoin trading can be done starting from 0.00000001 Bitcoin only, considering the price is very expensive. Even at www.bitcoin.co.id you can make transactions starting from 1,000 rupiah.

Getting Paid In Bitcoin

You can also get Bitcoin without the need to buy, that is, by getting paid in Bitcoin. Generally there are certain sites that provide Bitcoin as payment with certain conditions.

For example you can fill in the captcha, watch ads, or play games from these sites. Generally applied a time system that will affect the number of Bitcoins you can receive.

register an account first on an exchange so that you can negotiate buying and selling crypto assets. There are several places to buy and sell crypto in Indonesia such as Indodax, Tokocrypto, My Account, and Luno.

Optimistic that the crypto asset exchanger has been listed at Bappepti to ensure the security of your account.

It’s quite light, you need to prepare an ID card, fill in your personal data and take selfies to create an account on a crypto asset exchange.

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