Easy Ways to Trade Bitcoin for Beginners to Get Maximum Profit


Crypto assets or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have begun to be looked at as an investment instrument of choice, especially among young people. This is because this instrument has a fairly high potential and can be purchased with a relatively small capital.

Even so, investors need to pay attention to a number of aspects in Bitcoin trading in order to get maximum cash.

Some things to consider are financial ability, readiness to face risks, personal character in investing, and knowledge of the factors that affect Bitcoin price volatility.

If you are just starting out with Bitcoin investing, these things can overwhelm you. However, don’t worry, you can follow the basics in Bitcoin trading.

3 Bitcoin Trading Tips For Beginner

1. Don’t panic easily

Like crypto assets in general, the price of Bitcoin does tend to fluctuate. For investors who are just getting acquainted with the crypto world, this situation has the potential to arouse the desire to panic-buying or panic-selling.

In fact, when you make a hasty and emotional decision, you could be wrong in taking the strategy. This can actually make you lose money.

When Bitcoin price falls, it’s best to do some market research or study the causes first. Also understand why the price of Bitcoin is dropping. In addition, make sure whether the price drop has happened before.

Then, check the possibility that the Bitcoin price will increase again and estimate the duration of the price decline.

Information on past price movements can be checked or reviewed on the Bitcoin price movement chart. From the graph, it can be seen that the price of Bitcoin has tended to increase in recent years.

That means, you can be calmer if you want to make Bitcoin a long-term investment asset.

2. Diversify crypto assets other than Bitcoin

To reduce the risk of loss, you can implement an asset diversification strategy by dividing your investment funds into several types of crypto assets, apart from Bitcoin.

So, if one day the value of Bitcoin drops, you still have reserves of other crypto assets whose price increases may be higher than Bitcoin.

For example, you have an investment fund of IDR 500,000. You can use IDR 300,000 to invest in Bitcoin, then the remainder is divided by two into other crypto assets of lesser value. You can maximize existing coins or new coins through an initial coin offering (ICO).

When you buy new coins through an ICO, you have the potential to earn huge profits. For example, when Ethereum was first released, the price of Ether was in the range of 0.31 United States (US) dollars.

In April 2022, 1 Ether has been traded at 3,094 US dollars or around Rp. 44 million. You can imagine how much return on investment (ROI) investors get when they buy Ether during the ICO.

Therefore, you can start selecting small and new coins based on their potential use and security level.

In addition, also know whether the value of the coins is reasonable or not. Then, look for information related to the roadmap or future development plans. Don’t be easily tempted by new coins that suddenly go viral just because they are endorsed by celebrities.

3. Buy Bitcoin, you don’t have to wait for the price to drop

To maximize profits, one strategy you can try is dollar cost-averaging (DCA), which is buying Bitcoin little by little on a regular basis.

For example, you have an investment fund of IDR 500,000. You can wait for the Bitcoin price to drop, then allocate all your funds to buy the crypto asset. Alternatively, you can routinely invest in Bitcoin for IDR 100,000 per week.

The DCA method is considered better than buying in large quantities at once. The reason is, Bitcoin price movements are unpredictable.

By implementing DCA, you can get Bitcoin with different values. When calculated as a whole, it could be that the amount of Bitcoin you have is higher than buying it all at once.
You can buy crypto assets using the DCA method through a crypto exchange platform that supports the Repeat Buy feature or regular purchases. One of them is Luno Indonesia.

To note, the Repeat Buy feature owned by Luno Indonesia is easily accessible, both through the mobile application and the web. In fact, you can start investing in Bitcoin starting from IDR 25,000 with affordable administration fees.

Equally important, the Luno application has been registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA) so that its credibility and security can be accounted for.

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