Easy Ways to Trade Crypto on the Indodax Application


If you are ready to trade crypto, you can follow the crypto trading steps on Indodax. There are a number of ways.

Crypto Trading Trick at Indodax First, Registration and Verification

The first trick that is important to do before trading crypto on Indodax is registration. You do this by visiting the indodax.com website, then click “Register”.

After that, fill in the username, e-mail, and password that you want to use for your Indodax account.

If you have registered, you must go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This process is a process of verifying your identity, whether your data is correct or not.

Apart from that, this process helps to protect you if something untoward happens on the exchange.

In the KYC process, it is important that you upload a photo of your ID card as well as your personal photo. means to avoid any fraud or fictitious accounts.

If you have uploaded all the required scripts, therefore your account will be verified within 1 x 24 hours by Indodax.

Crypto Trading Tricks on Indodax, Deposit Rupiah

If your account has been created, then it’s time for you to buy Bitcoin with Rupiah currency.

Before buying, of course, it is important that you deposit first. Each exchange has different payment features, some can use credit cards and even e-wallet (e.g. OVO).

However, generally you can pay with your bank account via bank transfer.

This deposit process mostly takes a very long time of 1 x 24 hours to be verified by the exchange.

Buy Bitcoin

To buy bitcoin on Indodax, it can be done instantly or with a limit. What is defined as instant is the time you buy Bitcoin at a price similar to the current market.

And on a limit, you make sure you want to buy bitcoin at what price. If you buy bitcoin with an instant structure, therefore make sure the market or instant.

After that, enter the amount you want to buy bitcoins for. After that click calculate or calculate to understand the estimated bitcoin you want to achieve.

If you buy bitcoins with a limit structure, then enter the amount of rupiah you want to buy bitcoins, and input the bitcoin price you expect.

After that click buy bitcoin.

Crypto Trading Tricks on Indodax Next, Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin sales can be done instantly or by limit. So, if you sell instantly, then you sell bitcoins at the market price at that time.

And by limit, you make sure you want to sell bitcoin at what price. In instant structure, decide market or instant structure.

After that, input the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. Click calculate or calculate. After that, click “sell bitcoin” so it is automatically sold.

If you decide to sell bitcoin instantly then you become a market taker. The advantage is that you don’t have to expect your bitcoins to sell.

However, you have to pay a certain fee.

As well as the limit structure, you add the number of Bitcoins you want to sell. After that, input your expected Bitcoin selling price.

After that, click sell bitcoin. If you determine the selling price of your own bitcoin then you become a market maker.

The advantage is, you are not charged anything, but you have to hope until the bitcoin reaches the price you set.

To make a profit, you need to expect the price of bitcoin to increase before you make a sale.

Selling bitcoin at a price that is higher than the purchase price, so you can get the opportunity to profit from another market price.


Withdrawing or withdrawing your rupiah balance to your bank account can be carried out. The trick is, in the “finance” menu click on Rupiah and then click on the “withdraw” aspect.

After that, input the nominal amount you want to take, after that make sure the bank you are using and the account number.

To make a withdrawal, you are optimistic that you use an account that matches the name listed on your Indodax account. It means to avoid fraud.

Start Trading Crypto
Before starting crypto trading, there are several key points you should know such as the crypto market, blockchain, base selection, and a number of other key things.

After that, you can start trading crypto by following the easy steps above.

Keep learning and getting to know crypto trading, through the process you can feel the benefits you get from trading crypto.

If you feel unsure about starting your trading, please learn later in this video. Let him increase your confidence.

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